Japan! What a wonderful surprise! 

Hello from Japan!

Hello from Japan!

I didn't know what to expect. In my head, I thought it would be similar to China at a guess ... how wrong I was! I want to take this opportunity to publicly apologise to Japan for that ... I am sure I have mildly insulted an entire nation. 

Anyway, Tokyo is a beautiful and kind city. Rich in culture, history and technology and ... all sorts, I have found it to be quite enchanting. We've been here for almost a week now and I know already that I would LOVE to discover more of this beautiful place. There is no doubt my mind, I will definitely be back again one day to see more.

I wanted to give you an update of the highlights of being here so far. Essentially a quick snapshot of of our time in Tokyo, before we had to leave the bright lights for Kazo, the competition host town. 

Some of the highlights so far:

THE LOCALS are so happy to help with strangers (us), stopping in the street of their own accord to help us because we looked lost (we were). 

THE TRANQUILITY is unreal. It is so calm and peaceful here. Right in the middle of the city too. The people embody it and are so chilled, almost whispering their way through the day. It's actually considered rude to be loud (as we found out the hard way). Westerners do kind of get away with it, for being, well, Western.  

THE CONTRASTS from the silence of the temples a 10 minute walks takes you to the GAMING DISTRICT (which was our route to the climbing wall). It is a total sensory overload! Extremely loud, agitating noises from every direction. People shouting heckling, rounding folk up, trying to herd them into the gaming lots.  

HEATED TOILET SEATS and tiny showers. I mean, come on, that's cool, right? The showers are tiny though, even for someone of my height they are small, not even reaching the top of my head. For the record, I'm 5'4".

COFFEE. Oh my gosh the coffee. On our first day in the city we were spoiled and lucky to find an amazing coffee shop, just yards from our hotel. As it happened, down a nearby street, there was another stunning shop, which has been dubbed the best coffee in Tokyo - of course we had to try for ourselves. Both were exquisite, the staff made us feel right at home and as expected, they are a haven of peace and caffeine. I also tried CREAM CHEESE ICE CREAM ... more on that one later. 

Below is a gallery of some of our adventures from Tokyo, check it out, LC x

ps. SEMIS AND FINALS TOMORROW, I am so excited to see how I perform. I love and hate not knowing what the results will be and in my head it's already planned out. Like the future is already written. I am hoping it's a good story for team GB!